Betty Heyano

Betty Heyano at NWARIN Spring Conference 2013

Betty Heyano at NWARIN Spring Conference 2013

NWARIN Honorary Charted Member Passes Away

Betty Heyano, co-founder of the NWARIN chapter recently passed away. Betty was 84 years old. She was born in Bellingham, Washington, and is survived by her son Scott, who lives in Seattle.

Betty graduated from St. Luke’s in Bellingham in 1949, and went on to work in New Orleans, Kentucky, Hawaii, and Alaska. Her last 25 years of nursing was spent at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, having worked in the Emergency Room prior to coming to Radiology in 1985.

After coming to Radiology, Betty determined a need for more educational and networking opportunities in the Northwest, and was responsible for developing our chapter in 1987 with Kathy Scheffer, another local nurse from Tacoma. Betty made quite a positive impact in the Radiology department prior to her retiring in 1994.

Betty volunteered at several charities. One of them was at the Children’s Hospital Thrift Store.

NWARIN has made a donation in her memory to her charity of choice: the Children’s Hospital Uncompensated Fund.

Also, in Betty’s Memory, due to her passion for education, NWARIN is developing a Betty Heyano Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Betty would be proud to know how we are honoring her memory and contribution to Radiology Nursing.

Comments from Betty’s Colleagues:

Betty was the first person I worked with when I came to Seattle in 1973. She was an ER nurse and I had my first rotation as an intern in the ER. We bonded immediately, and she helped me survive that first month of my internship. She was a dear, dear friend. Such sad news.  Dr. Tom Kofler

Betty and I first met in Chicago in 1986 at a Fall RSNA/ARNA conference and that is when we first talked about getting together to see if we could start a local chapter. She sent a letter out to all the Washington hospitals listed in “The Source” and asked if they had Radiology nurses. From that response we set up our first meeting in Seattle and had just enough people (7) to start a chapter. Betty was a very gracious and caring lady and a nurse. She was sharp up until the end and always enjoyed talking about how things were done in the old days. I learned something from her, too.  Kathy Scheffer

I made a donation to the Swedish Foundation, since that is where I met her. I can’t tell you how many conversations I had with her in her “office”, (The old elevator) when I first started working in Radiology. So many nice memories.  Margaret Dolan

Betty is the reason we have all stayed together as a chapter. I shared a hug and a laugh with Betty in Seattle. She was a lifelong learner and teacher. I was very honored to have met her.  Becky Turner

I first met Betty when I hired into Imaging, as we made a site visit to Swedish. We were staring up a Gallstone Lithotripsy program and Betty was so awesome in sharing everything about the Swedish program. That was in 1990. Betty made such a difference in the lives of so many. She had great humility and compassion, and was a really sharp lady. Betty was always so pro-imaging nursing and education, and a scholarship fund should be developed in her honor.  Brenda Wickersham

Betty and I hired at the same time in 1985 at Swedish Hospital in Medical Imaging. She was the First Charge nurse in Medical Imaging, and was respected by all the staff for her traditional and professional standards. I enjoyed carpooling with Betty to all of the chapter meetings and local conferences. We often were roommates at the National conferences and out of town chapter conferences. I am so glad that I kept in touch with Betty after she retired in 1994. She was passionate about our profession and eager to learn about the progress and improvements in Interventional Radiology. She was a woman with wisdom and compassion. I last saw Betty a few weeks before she died at the NWARIN Spring Conference at Swedish Hospital. I will miss her immensely.  Connie Flores