Previous Officers

Becky Turner, BSN, RN, CRN – President

Hello and welcome to our website! Connie and her husband, Doug thank you so much for this!

My name is Becky Turner and I have the privelege of serving as the current president of NWARIN. The art of nursing has been my passion for thirty-three years and still has me enthralled. Like so many of Imaging nurses, I stumbled to the dark side by default. While working in PACU, I was asked by a collegue if I would like to work with her in Radiology. That was in 1997, the rest, asthey say, is history. As I moved to Graham, Washington in 2002 Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup was looking for PACU nurses. Instead of being offered a position in the recovery department the manager saw I had Imaging experience and asked if I would be interested in being the first RN in their Imaging Department. With a little trepidation I took the job. Now, after seven years and merging with Multicare, our hospital has MRI, two IR suites, CT angiography and looking to open a new department early 2011! Very exciting!
Early in 2003, a radiologist suggested I contact Kathy Scheffer at Tacoma General. I did and was introduced to ARNA and the local chapter NWARNA. The help and advice obtained from conference and other radiology nurses has been wonderful! I encourage all to join our organization and help the growth of an amazing, cutting edge field of nursing!

My husband, Roger and I enjoy and are very proud of our family of six children, two dogs and two cats. We both ride motorcycles, enjoy photography, traveling, camping and hanging out with our friends. Our son, KC recently passed his NCLEX and works in ER. I am trying to help generate more nurses!

My educational background: Graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1982 with my BSN. I have my Certification in Radiology Nursing.

Connie Flores, RN, CRN – Treasurer

Greetings and welcome to our new website!

My name is Connie, and I have been a nurse at Swedish Hospital in downtown Seattle WA since 1980. My nursing background includes Emergency Room and Cardiac Telemetry. In 1985 I became the first nurse on staff in the Interventional Department and established nursing protocols for the unit, which now has six staff nurses.

I am a Certified Radiology nurse and maintain certification by attending National and local chapter conferences. I was one of the founding members of the Northwest chapter of ARIN, established in 1986, and coordinated many local chapter conferences for the organization, formerly serving as President and currently as Treasurer.

At Swedish Hospital my focus is ensuring that our Medical Imaging department adheres to the National ARIN nursing standards for patient care and safety. I enjoy sharing information and experiences with other nurses and supporting new nurses as they come on board. I also enjoy supporting and visiting other nurses in our regional hospitals.

I invite you to join our local Northwest ARIN chapter. Each and every one of you are important to our growth and success! Help us build a strong foundation for future growth, strengthen our common bonds, and share valuable experiences that will enhance our nursing skills. We need you!

Warm Regards
Connie Flores

Brenda Wickersham, MAV, RN, CRN – Board of Directors

After 17 years in critical care and cardiology nursing, I made the transition to Imaging nursing. That move was 20 years ago. I soon became acquainted with NWARNA (now NWARIN). NWARNA provided great mentoring and support to me, a lone first nurse. I currently serve on the ARIN Board of Directors 2008-2011 and on the local board as board member and past president. Many opportunities exist to help promote the practice of imaging nursing and take it to a higher level. A heartfelt interest of mine is how we successfully combine high level competence and compassion to treat people in the midst of health changes and crises. In addition, I have been author and co-author for our core curriculum, contribute articles to the newsletter VISION and have presented locally and nationally. My education includes AAN from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (1973), BA from University of Washington (1981) and MAV from San Francisco Theological Seminary (1993). As an ARIN/NWARIN member, I hope to help create a legacy that future nurses will benefit from. The final goal is that patients receive excellent and compassionate care.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for NWARIN and am an Interventional Radiology Procedure/Charge Nurse at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA.

Kathy Scheffer, RN, MN, CRN – Board of Directors

Hello, I am currently on the board of directors for NWARIN. My position is currently the Nurse Manager for Interventional Radiology and the Radiology nurses at Tacoma General Hospital, Tacoma, Wa. I have held this position since June 2007. I manage both technical and nursing staff as well as support staff for the department. Prior to that, I was Clinical Nurse Manager for Clinical Support Services at Tacoma General Hospital from Jan. 2006. In that capacity, I managed the Imaging nurses as well as serve as project manager, educator, and consultant on nursing/patient care issues for the Clinical Support services, which include Radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, & nutrition services. Previously, I have held positions of Clinical director for the Nursing Resource Dept. as well as Clinical Manager for our ambulatory care unit, GI lab, Imaging nurses, and Stat nurses. Prior to that, I was clinical supervisor for the Imaging department. and previously charge nurse of the Radiology department for 18 years.

My educational background includes a diploma in nursing from Miami Valley School of Nursing, Dayton, Ohio in 1976. I received my BSN from University of Washington/Tacoma in 2001 and completed my MN from UW in June 2004 with a focus on leadership.

My involvement with ARNA began on the local unit level as charter president of the Northwest chapter of ARNA in 1987. I have remained active in our local chapter since inception and was treasurer- for over 10 years. I have served on several national committees over the years including chapter formation, nominating committee, core curriculum, membership, chair of the certification task force, and on the Scope and Standards taskforce. I have had the honor of serving as secretary of ARNA, board of directors, and then president elect, president, and immediate past president of ARIN 2006-09. I am currently active as the liaison for AHRA, and chair of the CRN review course revision taskforce and serve as faculty for the review course.

I cannot begin to list all the wonderful experiences and opportunities that I have had in my nursing career due to my involvement with ARIN on both a regional and national level. Many of our NW chapter members have been long standing colleagues and friends of mine as we struggle to keep our chapter vibrant and relevant to today’s needs.

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