The Northwest chapter of ARIN (formerly ARNA) was chartered in September 1987. We were the third chapter developed nationally and covered the entire northwest corner of the country, including northern California. Interest in developing a local chapter grew out of a chance meeting between Betty Heyano (charter member for life) of Seattle and Kathy Scheffer from Tacoma at the 1985 fall RSNA/ARNA meeting. We discussed the need for more educational and networking opportunities specific to radiology in our region of the country. We used the Washington State Hospital Associations’ book called the “Source” to identify those hospitals that we felt may have radiology nurses and then sent our first letter out to see if there was enough interest to start a local chapter. We were able to locate seven members of ARNA that were willing to take on the job of writing bylaws and holding office to form our local chapter. Of the original seven members, two are still actively involved with the chapter and continue to advocate for education and networking opportunities to advance radiology nursing in the Northwest.
The NWARIN chapter has served as chapter hosts at two national SIR/ARIN conferences held in Seattle and have held conferences in Vancouver, Canada, Boise, Idaho, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup, Spokane, and Everett, Washington. The chapter remains strong and vibrant and dedicated to supporting Imaging nurses throughout the northwest.

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